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“Okay; we’re not far from Eden Camp now Rachel.”Within a few minutes they had swung into the camp’s attractive entrance driveway and there, st...nding by the reception building in the sunshine, dressed in colourful vacation attire, stood Brad.Linda pulled the Volvo up nearby and getting out of the car Brad came and welcomed her with a very warm embrace.Rachel viewed the pair with surprise; she’d never seen her mother embrace a man in such a fashion; and yeh, her Uncle Brad was, in spite of his. Facing him, I climbed on top of Pete and straddled him. It was go-time. Squatting down, I pulled my blue underwear to the side with one hand and grabbed ahold of Pete’s fuck stick with the other. Lowering myself slowly, I felt myself make contact with the tip. He was still wet from my blowjob and I was still dripping like a leaky faucet. I took a deep breath and pushed down. Suddenly, the head popped inside me and I felt a stretching like never before. I nearly blacked out as a searing. Icould hear their groans. I started t feel a funny sensation in my groin.Absentmindedly, my hand crept down to that spot between my legs. Throughthe cloth of my knockers, I located my clitoris and squeezed it between twofingers. Kat's breathing was heavy and getting heavier. Then she moved overto the end of the bed. The bed was a double with metal headboard andfoot. There were two blobs on the end of posts at the corners. Kat liftedherself onto one, flashing me a tantalising glance at the. Jess frowned as she sipped her beer.“I’m Nisha. She’s Jess.” Nisha added.“Cool, that’s enough Philia. Adelaide has us covered.” I shooed her off and she left with a frown.“You don’t think that was mean?” Jess asked.“You kidding?” I asked. “The only reason Talsy fishhooked Philia was to keep her out of Adelaide and my stuff. The way I see it, I’m not adding number 5 girls.”“Fuck you.” Nisha said. She belched. “I’m number 4, then? Someone you pimp?”“No,” I shook my head. “I’m not willing to have.
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