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I was too young for that age. So, she made me lie down next to her. I saw her two huge melons under blouse, just a few cm from my eyes. I was excited....She asked me to put my legs over her if I wished to. I obeyed her words. Soon, I slept off. When I woke up to drink water, I saw her in nightie sleeping with her body resting over her left hip She has changed dress after I slept. I was surprised to see that she was not wearing bra. Her sweet boobs were free. They were hanging loose and upper half. Josie smiled at the good start. Helen was probably double checking to make sure she’d called the right number.“Hello?” She spoke again.“Uhm, yes, hello,” came the rather confused female voice. “Who is this?”“Josie. Who’s this?”The reply was followed by a long, pregnant pause. “Why do you have Andy’s phone?”It was not lost on her that Helen didn’t answer the question. On top of that, the woman was already starting to sound a bit irritated. Josie’s smile grew. Her impromptu plan was working. Jessica walked away and disappeared into the bedroom. A few minutes later, I heard her turn on the shower in the bathroom that is connected to our bedroom. "That's some girl you have." Todd said. "Thanks." I replied. "Are you seeing anyone these days?" "Not really. Well, a few girls," Todd said, laughing, "But, nothing serious. If I had one girl that could take it like that..." "I had to stretch her out first." I said. We both laughed. A few minutes later, the sound of the running water ceased.. I did not own a cell phone and did not want to own one."This is Andrea," a soft voice said. "Andrea Jepperson, we met."I nodded and said I remembered. Before the exhibition game with Baltimore, they lined us up in front of the dugout, and she had touched my hand in a long line of hands as Buzzy said our names, one right after the other, getting about half of them wrong as we smiled and tipped out hats, repressing lecherous thoughts. He had introduced me as "this feller used t'be a pitcher." I.
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