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Morning was the right time for us. I spooned up against her and said, “Baby I want you rested enough to fuck me inside out in the morning.” “Co...nt on it” she replied and in something under five minutes her breathing took on the easy, distinctive sound of sleep. I was hard as a rock but forced myself to be patient for another night. Soon I was asleep and when I awoke in the morning, I was still holding Rosalind close. The difference was morning wood and when Rosalind awoke and felt my turgid. I answered the door, surprised to see just Brianna standing there. Brianna was a smaller and younger version of her mother. She had the same long dark hair in a ponytail and the same dark complexion. She even had a tone and fit body, at least for a fourteen-year-old girl. She definitely wasn't as developed yet with two small mounds poking out of her chest instead of the round globes her mother had. She was wearing a light blue Abercrombie and Fitch cutoff t-shirt and a pair of hipster jean. Our pussies slid over each other easily, the flowery flesh of our lips mingling and stimulating each other as we moved faster again, approaching our third orgasm. The climax exploded over us like the surf, bursting and breaking with a power I'd never felt before.I fell down on to her, our breath filling the small space between her hair and her shoulder. I licked her neck, tasting the salt of her sweat."You still want to talk?" she asked, teasing."No, I want to fuck." I climbed up and sat on her. Some people just don't give a fuck and will openly stare. It's all good.Anyway, this session I'd become aware of a little twink following me around while I worked out...not right next to me, but always so he could see me. After about an hour I called it a day and headed into the changing rooms to shower off, I was sweaty as fuck with a solid pump in my chest and arms, feeling good. I walk into the group showers, and who's in there? The little twink...not really washing himself, just kinda.
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