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I will try my best to write this so both British and American guys will understand. Anyway that's just a little intro to who I am so lets get cracking...At the start of this summer, just after my exams were over, I was invited next door for a BBQ as we had a rare spell of decent weather. Now my next door neighbours are close friends of ours( me my mum and dad) so we often got together to celebrate new year or birthdays. They are a family of a mother, farther,a 19 year old boy who I get along with. Poor soul Rashmi was shocked and just went out for a walk with mind washed.After ten minutes at home Chinmai finally attended the dad’s call while Vasundhara was cleaning herself in the bathroom . “Chinmai is it you dad on the call ? ” “Yes Mom ” replied the son. Ok tell him I would call him back soon , once I am done with chores.Suddenly Chinmai had to open the main door as he heard a door bell. It was Rashmi. Seeing her Chinmai was surprised and asked her if she did not had an extra class. " I continue to fill my diaper as Karen pulls me by myhand as I am pooping and peeing as we walk. Than the smell of my poophits me and we stop walking and I squat much lower filling my diaper up."Wow did you poop in your diaper too?" I look down at him still fillinghis diaper as he squats seeing how red his face is as he is pushing."I couldn't stop and I did poop too." I continue to cry, as I standalmost straight up now that I am finished going potty in my diaper."Mom is going to freak that you. As it turned out not only were there real people out there all too happy to castrate a sissy like me—I had a date with one by the end of the week, thanks to my wife.I was terrified about meeting Nikos for the first time: after all, I wasn’t gay! At least that’s what I kept telling myself—and Diana—not that she was paying any heed to my objections. She just patted me on the arm and said, �Well we’ll see about that soon enough, won’t we? I’ll bet you didn’t think you’d ever be a sissy getting.
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