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The lives it had lived and the bar do realm in between life, as he knew it.Of all the things that the gods had allowed him to see, two things remained...a constant. His soul had always belonged to the mind and body of a warrior, and her. She was always the same. The way she looked at him, those deep penetrating brown eyes, and the way he felt when she looked at him. All of it remained a constant through time.Right now his spirit was hurriedly walking up a grassy hillside. He felt like he was late. Stopping in the bathroom to brush her teeth, for a moment she was mesmerised by the image in front of her.She leaned forward, placing her hands on the edge of the sink and studiing her face. Turning her head a little one way, then the other, she couldn't decide whether she was pretty or not. Staring into her own eyes, she thought they were her best feature. She checked for blemishes and had to admit her skin was pretty good. She thought her lips were maybe a little full, but full lips were all. The windows felt like it had broken her neck.The contractor must not have adjusted the settings correctly for this window,she thought to herself. While she was cursing him, she started to pull her head out. Her face frozewith panic when she realized the window had come down so hard that her headwas actually stuck in the window! She couldn't pull it out and she couldn'traise the window. She looked around the room as much as she could, trying tosee something she could grab. The phone was right. It's NOT magic. Flying these things just simply isn't magic. She does something with high RPM's and cutting power and dumping flaps and she knows her plane's trim and its characteristics in that little chunk of the envelope. And Dan's got those windows in the bottom halves of his plane's doors, so I think she's using a visual reference we don't have.So she wins.The contest is usually for second place. One old guy from some farm field in Georgia came in one weekend flying a 1946 Aeronca Champ,.
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