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Their marriage was arranged and had recently shifted as anish had got a new job in Mumbai. Anisha is a cutie petite girl. She has got the perfect ass....A very tight butt which was jiggly at the same time. She was hardly 23 years of age. She looked very beautiful with her pure white skin, her teeth shining like pearls, eyes of an angel and smile of a slut. I had an eye on her from the day I saw her. For the first time, it was nothing but to admire her beauty. I had even shagged thinking about her. I'll call her Dee. Well Dee was known for some epic parties and I was known as being fun at parties. So fast forward. We're at her apartment off base and I'm very drunk. So were a few other people. THey had already crashed on the couch and other chairs so I fell asleep on the floor. Dee was in her bedroom with some "company". No big deal.Around 1:30am or so Dee comes out and wakes me up. She's wearing just a short satin robe. Nice ass. Leads me by thte hand back to her bedroom. There' a guy. The comment beside it said, "Cold Fusion device." Ok, so much for making it work." How am I supposed to get technology that doesn't exist?"Just then the doorbell rang again. She got up to answer it and it was a special courier."Are you Alyson Whitecloud?" He asked.(Author's Note: I had a brain fart about the character's last name so I named her after my daughter's brand of diapers.)"Yes. I am" I have a package for you but I'll need to see some ID first."After showing him her driver's license he. "Sluts get fucked all the time babe and cumming is their second nature," I told her."So fuck me. FUCK ME!" This time I would make sure that she had the cum of her teen life, her first time with a cock in her. I went wild on her body and was surprised to find that she returned every single thrust with her own. The kitten had turned into a tiger.I managed to hold off from cumming myself and took the bitch with me to a heightened state. This time her orgasm announced itself in all the right.
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