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Its justfor us!Aug 24, 2Θ13 a craigs list personalsNow I decided to go all out on this one... no holding back.... im dropping the bomb, comming out a...d saying it flat out... oh hi gotta learn how to pace myself sometimes... i get too much pumped full of addrenalin and mu heart starts to pump and thump... oh of course there's only one thing on my mind at this time... can you guess it.....? well its a pretty shaved pmumped up pussy laying on her back on my bed fucking spreading her legs. When luck favor’s we can fuck whole world. I felt like that when we have our 1st chat. I recharged her mobile and she thanked and I asked her about her details. Me: What’s your name?She: ShanthiMe: I never seen before in this village.She: from last 3 months we are staying here.Me: (She is a kind of active person and I just want to flirt with her from start) you are looking beautifulshe: she responded with gentle smile and went inside home.From next day onwards my time starts. Later I came to. Then she smiled at me.“Is this room 213” she asked?“Yes it is” I replied.“Oh then you must be Mr. Pela… Mr. Pelu…”“Mr. P. works” I said “and I’m guessing you are Alexis Ashby.”“Yes, Mr. P. You can call me Lexi. I just moved to the school, I’m still learning my way around” she said as I indicated where she was to sit. Due to her last name and alphabetical seating she was sitting in the front row,. It was surprisingly brightly lit. Carl had left soon after his show, but the guard who had brought Ana was there. And so was 'el jefe', the local big man. So, this was it. The end. No revenge for me. Once again the good guys finish last, while the bad guys will get everything. My grim thoughts were interrupted when I was pushed down, to sit in a chair placed in the shadows.When I took a closer look at the situation, it looked like a celebration of a new agreement and I did my best not to show.
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