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She wore her black silk stockings with a black G string and her black bra. She then put on a mini skirt and a low neck top and went over to her teache...’s house in the best heels you will ever see. What Pamella didn’t know was that her French teacher was getting changed into her lingerie as well. Stockings, leather belt, red G string and bra worked were just a small piece of her today’s attire.Pamella knocked on the door and her teacher came to it, calling her a good horny slut. Pamella was. ”At least I think that was what he stuttered ... he did bow though.Junior wasn’t having it... “Your Highness was my mom ... I’m Junior ... and don’t you forget it,” she said.“Yes, Ma’am...”“I’m 18 years old ... Ma’am is an old lady ... Junior ... just Junior. Why are the Municipal Docks so damned expensive?”He looked out the window ... it’s a great big picture window... “Is that your boat?”I tootled my fingers at him. “Mine.”“Out of country flag ... what is it? 60, 70 feet?”“65,” I. So when I got home and was ready to start getting down to business, fateseemed to cast a wrench in my plans. My son, Jared, was sitting on thecouch watching TV. He was scrawny with shaggy unkempt hair and pale skinfrom not going out much during the day. I heard that in Japan they callthese kinds of people hikikomoris or shut-ins. I'm not versed in Japaneseculture, but I do hear a lot about it these days from clients who areobsessed with that part of the world. Being good at what you do. ...I like to really feel the whip, but the little bastard played with me for twenty minutes, - virtually tickling me as he walked around the table with dozens of not all that powerful reddening the beef before skewering. Each time he passed my mouth he slipped in his cock for a second or two, started to drive me crazy to suck him off then and there but he slipped out and went on around....till the next taste of him. He started to rim me too after a little while, - first.
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