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She was wearing a red saree and sleeveless deep cut blouse of matching the color. Her boobs were so tempting that I was feeling to grab them before en...ering the room.But I controlled myself. The saree was tucked below her navel which added the sexiness in her structure. I was enjoying her mesmerizing beauty. She invited me in and gave me some water. As it was a hotel room, there was no chair and sofa. So she asked me to sit on the bed.We talked for some time, asked about marriage she attended. They were huge burgers. They looked just fabulous. Ladies let us have some lunch Jim said. We had our lunch and we told Jim that we would like to take a shower, get the rest of the sand off and change into some afternoon type clothing. Jim said that was OK because him and Mark still had some duties that needed to be worked on. He said to meet here by 5 PM . Mark and him should be out of their responsibilities by then and we could then do something together. Ladies, Jim. It was an excuse I had used a lot over the last three weeks. I had him go out with me under the guise that I needed a “man” with me at the hardware store or the sporting good store. Then we’d park like teenagers and fuck. I would say anything to let me get my pussy around his cock.I loved feeling my son in me.She gave me such a look, like I was stealing her boyfriend or something. Shameless hussy. I gave her a look back and demanded, “Did you clean the bathroom?”“Yes, Mom.” She twisted her. Matti soon discovered his hands were tied down, explaining why he was unable to move them. His difficulty hearing was explained quickly when his left hand was freed and he moved it to his head, quickly discovering it was bandaged in a way that covered his ears. The nurse continued checking him over, taking blood pressure, oxygen levels, and listening to his heart with her stethoscope. It wasn’t long at all before she said she was leaving to get the doctor, and Matti could see that another nurse.
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