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She was beginning to pant. 'No ... no man can be so big', she muttered to herself. It was then that she realised how desperately she wanted to be fuck...d. The months of denial now hit, she reached between for her groin and found that she was wet. 'Fuck I'm on heat', she groaned. 'But ... but what am I going to do?' It was a question that almost bought on a panic attack. She wanted that cock so much, but she just couldn't charge into the bathroom, that would be unladylike. She heard the shower. . And my pussy, it's always so wet for you, Daddy... I fuck myself everyday thinking of you and your cock. You don't like my pussy, Daddy?" I said with an exaggerated pout."No, no Steph, it's not that..." he groaned. I kept pumping his erection slowly. Frank sat up, trying to swat my hand away from his cock. I got to my feet and stood next to the bed, glaring down at him. He gasped and stared up at my naked body, inches away from him. His eyes were on my firm tits, then making their way down my. Least that’s what I keep telling myself. My other romantic interest and newly branded slave had a mental breakdown that had landed her in jail, hopefully being set free in time for Christmas but realistically that wasn’t likely. Being stuck in the middle of that ‘not’ recession of 2008 wasn’t working out to well for my self employed self. I was having car troubles. . .enough whining life was pretty fucked for me right then. I’ve wasted enough of your time telling you who we are, it’s time to. If my cousins had come out, they would have seen it all. As I stood there while she sucked me, I knew I was getting closer and closer to cumming. Nothing, nothing had ever felt so absolutely wonderful in my life. "Oh, I'mmm…uh, unh, unh, uh, mmm," and my whole body shook as I had my very first orgasm given me by another person, my own aunt. She sucked a minute more then pulled off me, leaving my cock glistening in the bright sun as she sat up, now giving me the first really good view of her.
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