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A brief split second, a momentary pause, as Samantha realised that he would knock her out and then finish her in a matter of dazed moments. His mouth ...pened to speak, but no words came and then suddenly, his grip relaxed and he mouthed a cry of pain.As he sank to his knees, Samantha saw Carrie, the long straight knout in her hand. The picture of dominance. Red lacquered boots, whip in hand and the hem of her red leather dress riding up her thighs to expose the tops of her stockings. A reddening. There was no father. Her mom was very attractive and had many men over for sex at night. Cher would peek and listen to them. She was a teen and sex interested her a lot. She was just developing a great body like her mom. One night she was surprised because a woman came home with her mom instead of a man. They sat in the living room and drank a few drinks and the woman began to kiss her mom and unbutton her blouse. She reached in the moms bra and pulled out a tit and began to rub and the suck. " I was half asleep when I got downstairs so I was in no way prepared for what I was about to see. It was the worst fucking thing ever. I mean, it was horrible. The image is burned into my fucking head, and I see it all the time and it won't go away.All of the guests were standing in a big horseshoe around my mom. She was kneeling on this blue plastic tarp that my dad uses for yard work, and she was almost totally naked. The only thing she had on were these black high heels and her underwear,. When Lana told me to turn back she casually said she'd hidden the keys in one of the baskets. My task, she said, was to guess which one and to retrieve it. As an added incentive to be quick about it Lana then told me Jack was inside on the phone ordering pizza to be delivered. She then complained about having to skip breakfast to get to my house so early; I merely felt dizzy with the rush of mixed feelings. I knew I didn't have a chance of retrieving the keys myself and had twenty minutes.
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