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“What are they?”“There may be a way to fix his face. When he was in Germany, there were rumors or something that there was a doctor who could wo...k miracles of reconstruction of faces disfigured by war,” she said.“Okay, but you say rumors. So... ?” he said.“Yes, apparently some of the soldiers that were in the hospital at the time with him had heard of this guy that could do the job, but that the guy was about the only one on the planet who could, and he was costly, very costly,” said. As if he had heard, which he could not possibly have done given that he was on the other side of the room and that Tina was making a considerable racket, Sue's husband came to join us.“Come on, man, stuff my wife's face, I want Mel's,” he suggested hopefully.I laughed and stepped away from my wife's mouth to stand in front of Sue, who giggled, scooped up my cock and went to work with her wonderful mouth. My dick was bone hard almost as soon as her lips wrapped around it. Meanwhile, Melanie was. The lads probably thought they had burst something; but they ran off when you suggested Double Cuntal, and now all these years later we can do it with Toby. All I have to do is get him out of your Anus and up your Vagina, then this strap-on dildo should slide in smoothly. What do you think, babe? Hot Enough?TobyI thought this story was about me and Jenny, not that cumslut Annie.Just got Jenny nicely tied up where I want her – arse in the air, collar tied to the sofa, leash around her soft F-cup. It didn't matter; they both enjoyed themselves and had fun.David and Meri both signed up for Drivers Ed, since they'd both be sixteen by the start of the next school year, with David being able to drive come summer, once he passed the course, his driver's test and got his limited license, he also planned on getting his motorcycle endorsement, but that would be some time in the future.One thing that some found curious was that it seemed as if the two of them never got ill. Nor, did Meri ever.
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