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She said “I don’t know how he did it babe, but it felt like he was trying to fuck me even harder then he has before. I think it was because I tol... him he can fuck my ass sometime.” She said while they were fucking, she felt his hands on her ass and out of nowhere, he slid his middle finger into her ass. She said “I couldn’t believe it babe. I didn’t think I would like anything like that but it made me start cumming instantly!” She said she came so hard on his cock and Marcus finally dug. The way I was feeling, I should’ve gone off the instant I touched myself, but I didn’t. I rubbed harder and harder and I could feel myself getting closer and closer. But then I seemed to plateau right on the edge of getting off but never actually getting there. I moaned in frustration and rubbed harder while the other hand pulled and twisted at my distended nipples.I moaned again and tried every trick I knew but I kept getting more and more frustrated as the hoped-for release refused to arrive.. He won't mistreat you or anything, but he's definitely not dating for the long haul." "Maybe he's looking for the perfect girl." "A lot of girls have thought that, only to get burned in the end. Trust me, if you're looking for someone to treat you nice for a while before you part company, or you're actually looking for sex, then he's worth dating. Otherwise, stay clear of him. Despite the warnings, Akita was still sure that she and Lance were meant to be together. She said nothing, though, and. See your cock juices all over us... all over your slutty little fuck dolls?” That was all it took, and I quickly flipped onto my back and scooted forward. Tonya was still sucking his cock and pulled her mouth off it suddenly. Rope after hot rope of Michael's glorious cum flew out of his cock. He spattered it all over our faces, covering us with thick white jism. When he fell off to the side I looked at the girls. We were all smiling and wearing expressions of surprise. We brought our faces.
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