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The little war was quickly won by the hormones, and I spread my legs slightly to allow him access. As his fingers touched the soft bare skin beneath m... panties, a quiet gasp escaped my lips. “Shhhh!” He said, finger to his lips “Someone will hear.” As his fingers gently probed my smooth shaven lips, his other hand snuck under my bikini top, rolling my nipple between his fingers, making it hard. I was getting so wet I could feel my shorts soaking through. I knew if he did not stop, I soon would. I looked back and tried to find some sympathy in my Master's eyes."Oh, don't give me that puppy face, slut. Do you think (SMACK) I enjoy (SMACK) driving across town (SMACK) to discipline you (SMACK) like a (SMACK) naughty (SMACK) little (SMACK) girl? Shame (SMACK) on (SMACK) you! (SMACK) (SMACK) (SMACK) (SMACK). He took a break and roughly pulled my panties down to the floor. My now I heard that a small group had gathered outside Z's office door. I was bent over the desk with a very pink ass. "By that time your purchaser will have screwed you enough he'll be open to an offer." That's b**stly." It's practical." My father won't hurt you if I don't want him to." But you can't make that promise about Aslam."He was right. A throbbing heat in her loins drove Corey on: "I don't want to be sold. I want to stay with you." Stretch your legs open, love. You can raise one foot if you like." Did I sound that sulky I have to be punished?" You know damn well you did."Corey Gibson lifted one leg. .SOOO HOT OOOHHHHHH” and then her body began shaking, an uncontrollable trembling that coursed through her whole being as each hard thrust to her depths intensified the pleasure that gripped her entirely. I thought he’d take a break but instead he began fucking her fast and hard while his dick was swollen from cumming and she went crazy. He grabbed her by the hair and held her as he fucked her, bottomed his cock in her pussy and just hunched hard into her, pounding her clit with his.
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