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The price I paid for 48 hours in that hell on earth almost wasn’t worth it.After my second time, I promised I’d never go down to that den of madne...s again. Even though I had the opportunity to learn some interesting things ... well, let’s just say that I plan to have children one day and it’s commonly agreed upon by members of the guild that three days equalled infertility, four days maiming, five days impairment and six days is living death.That was the rumour of how Harvy that grotesques. I met a woman online from Germany that, like me, has had a sexual awakening lately. Abby is a lovely red-haired woman, just a few years younger than myself. Her husband passed away two years ago, and she's been turning to younger men for comfort. I can see where she would be attractive to men or women of any age. She has a killer tight body with small pert breasts that look delicious, a nice round ass, beautiful smile and a pleasant personality.The brown-eyed beauty and I have shared stories of. Would you like to eat my fresh pussy you filthy old man?" Slipping and sliding about she manages to get her knees on either side of his head and present her enflamed sex dotted with pearlescent drops of coital lubricant, hot, dripping, baby-bottom smooth, soft and naked.She lowers herself onto his awaiting open mouth and extended tongue, surrogate and herald for his now distended and rigid manhood that drools with excitement. She gasps at the first touch of his labial lingual kiss, her labia. Suddenly, Toby was there. "Jeezus, Man!" Lon grunted, "You ... must be ... part jackrabbit! She's ... trying to ... kill me!"Toby chuckled. "Things are going better than I expected." Toby!" Jean cried. "You're hard..."Toby chuckled. "I saved it for you." Gimmee!"Toby shuffled up close and Jean sucked him in -- but she was glassy-eyed, so her mouth was mostly a warm, wet place to keep his cock hard. "So how are you guys doing?" We ... had a ... talk..." Lon puffed. "Suddenly ... she was ... good.
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