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"Hey Kath, what are you doing out so early on Saturday morning?" Well, I had something to talk to you about, and didn't want use the phone. Megan is h...me, and I couldn't let her hear." Why, is something wrong?" Oh no, not at all." So what's so important?" Well first off, Jim was cleared by the doctor, and took him off all of that shit he was taking, and the doc even gave him some of that Viagra stuff, and it worked great. While we were in bed after a good round of sex, I starting thinking about. He had me so hot just waiting for him to fuck me. His entry was slow and tender with enough force to give me the immediate balls deep bliss. Then he rolls me on top and says ride me hard. Well, one thing this lady can do is ride a bull! I'm riding him hard, chest on chest grinding hard, trying to rub the black off the snake. Then I lean all the way back with my hands on his shins for support while still grinding. I'm just loving being his girl, I stop for a while as I want him to last, as. Yeah, I was preggers and it was too late to do anything about it.What saved us was we discovered oral sex. Well, I did, I know what kind of stuff sonny writes. He had barely any experience in it before, but his imagination's always been wild.He was surprised when I gave him his first blowjob. He was clearly feeling down during the second trimester when everything was becoming really apparent, so I wanted to do something I knowhe is fascinated by. Blowjobs take skill to perform well, so in the. God he looked good! His hair tousled, his blue eyes sparkled as he turned to greet her with the warmest of smiles.“Good morning Isabella!” he said brightly. He walked over to her and added quietly “Did you get home OK last night? I was worried”. She caught a trace of his aftershave and was transported instantly back to their encounter last night. She blushed and was instantly furious with herself, fidgeting in her 3 inch stilettos. “Yes thank you, I did. I've brought your coffee." “Lovely!.
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