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Welcome to the friendzone level 10. Susan would try to set me up with her friends and girls from the bar and everytime things got serious, she would g...t catty and do what she could to make things a mess, and it got to a point when she would get serious about a guy I would get lost, I know this new would'nt want me hanging around, after a couple of weeks I would get a call from her and she'd tell me the new guy was "an asshole", and we'd start hanging again, after awhile it felt like "she did'nt. ’ Sammy said, crossing her arms. ‘But how could they know this would happen?’ Walt said, ‘I was sure the magic would close the rift.’ ‘And it did. But when that happened, you stretched the fabric of space around it. Usually it wouldn’t be a problem, but your magic was pushing on the fabric as well. It was like trying to stitch closed a tear in a shirt while four big guys pull it in different directions.’ Susan said, ‘And so when it’s tension was maximized at the moment of closure, the fabric. " Right. Turning the guys heads with that great butt and those beautiful tits is probably keeping ten island chiropractors in business. Heck, I swear that Eric throws something out every time you walk by. Angie would love to get you in bed." Angie is a lesbian," I said matter-of-factly."Bisexual actually and one that thinks you're super hot."I was a little red faced now. I wasn't really interested in a fifteen year old girl, but it was flattering to know that she thought I was still pretty hot.. “How nice for you,” said Dinah. There was a honk and she turned her head to see the goose in its cage. “And there’s our goose! Maybe things aren’t as bad as I feared.”“Things are fine,” said Jack. “How did you get here?”“I climbed down that freaking huge beanstalk out there. When Mortimer didn’t come home after chasing you, I began to get worried. And then when he was gone a whole day, and the beanstalk he went down disappeared, I got really worried. So, when another one of those beanstalks.
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