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When she was ready to collapse, he stopped the treadmill and helped her off it. She was dripping sweat now but he wouldn’t let her wipe off with a ...owel and she was starting to smell. He brought her over to the weight bench, which had the back up at an angle and had her lie back on it, as if she was going to do incline bench presses.“Mike, please. I can’t do anymore exercise. I can barely move.” He took out lengths of bindings and spread her arms and tied each to either end of the barbell. He was eating me fiercely and his morning beard, though uncomfortable and scratchy, was sexy and made me feel feminine. He parted my knees and climbed in between them. I arched my back and lifted my crotch off the bed only a few inches. My ass pointed up at him, begging like a dog. He was sitting on his feet again with his knees spread. With his left hand he cupped my pussy with his palm up and wiped from my clit to my asshole. Then he stroked his cock with my juices while he thumbed my. "Thanks, your a life saver," she said. She sat on my lap facing me and pulled me close. "What would I do without you?" She kissed me right on the lips. I felt my dick get hard under my boxers. I prayed to god she didn't notice. Of course, she did.She stared at me, amused. What she did next shocked me. She silently undid my belt, and pulled down my jeans. "Angela, we're going to be--" "Drive." "Ange--" " DRIVE! "I slowly backed out of the driveway. By now, Angela had pulled my boxers all the way. I was holding her hair “aaaah” “ooooh” “mmmm” “hmmmm” “yaaaa” “yeahhh” “yea-aaaah” “aa-aah”I just felt my dick was cold and smooth. Every touch of her saliva felt really good to me. She then did it faster by moving her head to the front and going back. I couldn’t handle the pressure and came on her face. She licked the white juice and applied on her tits. She was moving her hands on her dark areolas and pinching it slowly. She then stood up and smooched for a while in the shower. Without taking.
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