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His cock was thickening and rising, his foreskin receding as he washed himself. He turned away. I caught a sadistic smile on boss ladys face.“Female... here, move” she beckoned to a white spot to her side. My minder approached me, prod at the ready. I complied. I stood on the white tile.“95, 5 feet 1” she called out.She then motioned me to turn to face the wall. Aware of the potential for pain on my still wet body, I did as directed. Boss lady yanked my arms behind my back, and shackled them at. While she did resemble Meg Ryan, I thought Cindy was much, much prettier.We eventually chose an implied nude image of Cindy, with her lying on her back on a soft rug. Her legs were raised to hide her vaginal area, but her butt was completely bare. Her left arm covered her breasts, and her head titled back in a “come hither” look. It was a sensual and alluring image, one that I knew I could capture easily. I gazed upon her photos every day while I worked on the art, and had near-daily email. I wondered if I'd said something to upset you, or if you'd just gone on to other interests. I enjoyed how close we seemed to get after your visit to Mt. Shasta. But now, I wasn't sure anymore how you felt about us, but wanted to talk with you.Laurie looked sullen for a moment, then like she was a manic-depressive, immediately perked up."Ron, can I fix you something? What do you like? Is Mom still up?" She said she was going to bed, and I'll see her tomorrow. What do you have to offer?"She. ” Sam said between angry, clenched teeth. “As of yet I haven’t tried to make an enemy of the Intergalactic Patrol, though if things continue as they are, I damn sure will.”The commander gulped hard at the renewed murderous look that crossed Sam’s face. The man started to speak then snapped his mouth shut. Again he tried then again thought better of it. Sam was about to move off when he heard a familiar voice.“Samuel Ray?” The female voice said. Snapping his head back toward the commander; Sam’s.
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