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The guy with us at the table asked me if we wanted to smoke some weed, I declined but said my wife loved it and probably would love to. He said it was...laced with some other goodies and he was going to ask her and I told him if he talked her into going out in their car with them I’d buy him a beer. He said “shit man she is so hot I can do better than that.” I said “okay big guy, if you can get a kiss I’ll buy you 2, he said what if I can feel those tits?” I said, “if you can I ’ll give you $5 .”. Next, he focused on Derek's body. Nothing world changing, at first,simply slimming him down to feminine proportions. His waist shrank andhis hips ballooned out, along with his ass. His legs went from muscularand hairy to sexy and smooth. Muscle left his upper body entirely,severely shrinking his body. His face slimmed into one any teen beautyqueen would envy, while his shaggy brown hair straightened andlengthened considerably, reaching his mid back. Derek had once stoodtall at six-foot-three,. I walked over to Marco to play him the video game and told him you ready to lose. We started playing as Rose come over and sat behind me. Marco scored as Rose places her hand on my back rubbing it saying he is winning now. After a couple more goals on me he won again 5-1 as I told him good game. He was so excited he won and Rose told Marco turned off the video game and let’s get some dessert before bed. I looked at Rose you got dessert? Yes, I got 1 for Marco and 1 for you that needs a little. Lilavasi heard her mother stand and walk to her. Kyrasena wrapped her arms gently around Lilavasi's head and hugged her."I assume that Ariarisha is already asking her mother about this." Kyrasena said.Vasi nodded. "Yes she is, mother."Kyrasena sighed as she made her decision. "If Princess Feyalisa agrees to this, then I will allow you to go, my precious."Lilavasi returned her mother's embrace. She almost cried as she said. "Thank you, mother. I love you."At this time, Ariarisha was indeed.
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