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It all started when I was 18 years old. I was a regular visitor as a friend to a house which had a aunty, her 3 daughters & her son. My visit became that in the event I did not go to their place, they would come down searching for me. We would pass hours playing & chatting. During this time, suddenly auntie’s youngest sister came as a guest. She immediately fell in love with me, and one day when all of them were busy watching the television, and I was sleeping in the other room, she came. This was absolutely perfect for right now and I knew we’d work on opening up that throat later.“That’s beautiful, dear. You’ve got about 5” into you now. Let’s move this a little back and forth now. Keep sucking on it just like you’ve been doing ... yeah ... that’s it ... oh ... that is so fucking good!” I said as her suctioning mouth worked insistently at pleasuring my virile manhood. I drew back until the head remained locked in her mouth and then slid the rigid shaft forwards again until the. If she died... She can't think. The stranger pulls her closer and suddenly thrusts his cock against her lips. She struggles and he backs her head against the wall and slowly pushes his large cock into her mouth. She fights it but he flashes the knife again."Just sit there on your knees bitch, I'll do the rest."He shoves his cock further into her mouth and touches the back of her throat. She gags and he pulls out and does it several more times, causing her to gag. Her exhausted throat finally. I would not budge when I should have. I shouldhave told you exactly how the dress code made me feel.I fucked up big time and do not know how to make it better. That is whyI was downplaying it until now. That was why I wasn't honest with youabout Sheila. I knew that would just add to the fight." Rose Petal, you are not the only one who fucked up big time. I shouldhave never left you at the cabin on your own. I should have try to talkwith you instead of wanting to be right. Instead of trying.
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