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Eventually it wassettled. I was going to receive $10,000 today, and another $40,000 oncethe show aired. All I had to do was do a teleconference one ...ay nextweek and tell some of my deepest darkest secrets of the past two months.I thought the amount was fairly low, but I would've had to fly out toCalifornia and spend a lot more time on this than I really wanted to inorder to get a few thousand more.I carefully reviewed the contract he'd filled in. I was no stranger tolegalese, but it checked. "โอ้ย อีฟาง! นั่งอ้าขาน่าเกลียดเชียว หอบสังขารไปอาบน้ำแล้วก็ลงเวรได้แล้วไปๆ เดี๋ยวชั้นจัดการที่เหลือต่อเอง" ขอบคุณนะแกร~ ชั้นง่วงม้ากกกเลยอะ ไว้เดี๋ยวเลี้ยงกาแฟให้วันหลังนะจ๊ะที่รัก" ฟางลุกขึ้นพร้อมโผตัวเข้ามาทำท่าเหมือนจะจูบเจ้าของเสียง จนเจ้าตัวต้องเอามือดันหน้าฟางไว้ดูวุ่นวายกันไปหมด ก่อนที่ฟางในชุดเวรเสื้อคอวีและกางเกงขายาวสีกรมจะขยี้หัวยุ่งๆของตัวเองแล้วเดินหายไปในห้องพัก"เห้อ ยัยนี่ไม่เคยทำตัวให้สมกับที่เป็น 'วารีพิสุทธิ์' เล้ย คนในตระกูลเขาถึงได้ชอบเขม่นใส่แกไง". “What is wrong with you faggot? Why the fuck wont you mind your own business!?!” I said as I tried to punch him in the jaw again. This was a fight people in our high-school would probably pay to see. We were both the strongest kids in school and many wanted to see who was the toughest.“Dave stop please?” Jessica said as she pulled me off. I reluctantly stopped punching him and got off me but the bastard decided to strike then. He threw a punch at me but before I could move my head his fist. It revealed a gorgeous black corset with red trim and real, old fashioned gartered stockings. I would have killed for the matching bra and panty set. A pair of very convincing breast forms filled the bra and a very inviting lump filled the panties. There was nothing else I could do, I rose and went over to Jenny and pulled down that silky black lace and took his/her cock in my mouth. It was still soft, hardly filling my dripping mouth at all, but I soon cured that problem. I ran my tongue up.
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