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"Please come in. We've been expecting you." She said as she closed the door behind her."You have?" Elizabeth asked, surprised to hear she'd been expec...ed. She had never responded to the invitation. She couldn't.Ignoring her questions, the woman guided her just inside to the foyer. The inside of the mansion was beautiful. Two gorgeous staircases rose on either side of her, both leading up to the second floor. Beyond that it was difficult to see. The mansion was lit by candlelight alone. Looking. To see your cock in a flaccid state grow into a powerful beast. And knowing it is me who has caused such a wonderful thing, it makes my lust for you become tenfold. Your cock begins to thicken as I stroke you further, my lips trail up to kiss you, as you clasp my chin between your forefinger and thumb, nipping playfully at my bottom lip. I mewl softly, wanting more, and you give in. That is until I pull away, letting go over your cock as well, I move between your legs. I begin a slow dance of. "Of course you can," I said and I pulled her to me wrapping my arm around her and she put her head on my chest. We lay there for probably a half-hour just enjoying being together before jewel figured she'd better get up and shower so we could get on with the day.I went into the living room and looked through the phone book to find a nice restaurant for us to have dinner at. I had just hung up the phone when she came out of the shower looking spectacular as always."Feel better?" I asked."Mmm,. She’d become accustomed to his face pretty quickly and now the beard didn’t look strange. She’d seen other men with beards, of course, but in Bob’s case he seemed to have a beard that had a face hidden within it rather than a visage decorated with facial hair.He wasn’t a potential mate. That she did think of on a conscious level. But she liked being around him. He was a man she could relax around, even if his eyes were so intrusive sometimes. Even then he wasn’t pushy in any way. The impression.
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