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After what happened last time, i didn't go to the gym for a few days, guess i was embarraced with Dave cause of what happened , silly yes but i felt way, anyways, i started going to the gym again as usual, i saw Dave lifting with his buddies ( which are mostly black guys) he gave me this weird look when he saw me and so did a couple of his mates, one of them , his name is Anthony, he is the hottest guy, i mean i had seen him a bunch of times before but he never seemed to pay any attention. " Shhh. Come down here." Her fingers found mine and she pulled me down,snug up against her on the narrow space of my twin bed. Her smooth skinpressed up against me nearly head to toe. Despite being sure that Icouldn't do anything with Katie -- no matter whose body either was of uswas wearing -- I could feel the increasingly familiar sensation of mygroin furnace switching to Extra Hot."What are you..."She rolled onto her side, facing me with a grin. "Did you know thatwomen your age are at their. At least soyou say in your tons of fan mail I receive every day."You dress me up, I'm your puppetYou buy me things, I love itYou bring me food, I need itYou give me love, I feed itAnd look at the two of us in sympathyWith everything we seeI never want anything, it's easyYou buy whatever I needBut look at my hopes, look at my dreamsThe currency we've spent(Ooooh) I love you, oh, you pay my rent...I'm your puppetI love it" (Rent)Ah, Rent is sung from the male perspective.As I became rich by doing. And, it was of my gangbang. It doesn’t matter to me much as I had already been with 3 boys at a time and in all three holes. But, still, when something happens unknowingly, it’s a dangerous thought and often scary. And, the revenge was planned, for one afternoon.One afternoon, when we two were alone in house, I was sleeping. I had put on long white skirt and colorful sleeveless shirt on me, with white bra and white panty inside. The door bell rang, and urvi opened the door. I don’t who came in..
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