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HEAVEN: No, they cancelled the show because they had another more wholesome fashion show already in production that they needed the timeslot for. Reme...ber, even us talking together is just entertainment for them. Like the tabloids, when they have something they think is more exciting, sexier, more dramatic, or even just cheaper, they run to it. You need to remember that, too. People don't talk about you because you are news. They talk about you because that is how they entertain their tiny. Is that better?”“Thank you Meri and Keri, that’s great and you both have very pretty red hair. I love long hair on a girl.”“Wow, Hoot thanks,” They reached out and hugged him, pushing their nearly flat chests up to him on either side, jumping back when they felt a jolt of lightning right through their shirts.“What was that, Hoot?”“It may have been static electricity. From all that red hair and all those cute freckles.”“Oh it was not, Hoot McCoy. Red hair and freckles don’t cause static. She’s small and has small tits which you can easily tell through the dress. But her ass is something else, a big bubble butt.‘Get on your knees’ I got on my knees. Melissa looks at me and back at Gina so amazed.‘Crawl to Melissa. Spread her legs’ which I did. ‘Grab her hips and pull her to the edge’ I pulled Melissa to the edge of her seat. At this point I obeyed every single command that escaped from Gina’s lips. ‘Smell her pussy’. She smelt like strawberry which left me disappointed. She. “Hi, Dad,” she said softly. “I’m sorry, Brin.” “No you’re not, Dad. And neither am I,” Brin replied, running her hands up and down Tom’s torso. No, I’m not, Tom thought, and that’s the fucking problem isn’t it? I’ve just had sex with my daughter, which horrifies me. But I’ve also just fucked one of the sexiest women I know, and I want to fuck her again. Tom turned around, aware that his cock was already starting to rise, and he doubted the stiffness of Brin’s nipples had anything to do.
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