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They pulled me forward by the collar with the leash until I was kneeling over the couch. Next, my wife was also told to kneel over the furniture so th...t both our asses were turned up and spread side by side. One of the guys brought out another pair of handcuffs, and I knelt while my wife was restrained the same as me. My mind reeled at the scene we had just permitted ourselves to be placed into. Next, two of the guys moved behind us, and I felt my ass being kneaded and played with. I heard my. Five months ago I'd actually caught her at it but she'd managed to fend off my questions and fire back an excuse about why she'd taken a shower at work. What she didn't know was that I'd followed her that afternoon and I knew precisely why she'd taken the shower and her job had absolutely nothing to do with it.That finding out had crushed my heart but I still loved her enough to try to win her back. She was the woman I wanted to have children with. She had my heart and I'd fallen very hard for. I grabbed some clothes, etc and we headed to Betty and mom's room.I walked in and slid off my shorts and Betty took her position on the couch and began to throat my cock with expertise. She would take me all the way in and lick my balls while contracting her throat, I knew I wouldn't last very long in her talented mouth so I pulled out and laid her down.I pulled off her clothes and was greeted by two extremely erect crinkled up like raisin skin nipples and a 70's style bush covered pussy. I. It was a wonderful smile."Not too weird?" she asked."Hey. No. Fiona? Right?" Call me Fi," she said. She picked up his kit bag."No, let me," he said."You think a lady can't carry a heavy bag?" she asked. He knew she wasjoking. "19 kilos," she said, guessing the weight.yelashes ulled at it ashe lifted it.Gary could now see that she had long shaped nails painted red. "Iwouldn't want you to break a nail on my account," he said.She handed over the bag with a laugh. "Drop it in the hall," she.
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