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Now Lisa is a very intelligent kid and would normally have talks to me about work and other kids stuff. I have always tried to live a clean and and so what started to transpire next got my mind thinking. On our way back Lisa asked me a question that shocked me. She asked “are you happy?” and I said “yes”, then Lisa told me that she has a secret and would like to share it with me. Now Lisa’s parents Tom and Jill are good friends and we all get along quite well. So here I was in my. So I figured this was my best chance of getting with you before I go home." John could not believe what he was seeing and hearing before him. Was he still seeing the vision he thought he had seen earlier? "So." Karen held her arms out as if offering herself to John. "I've seen you eyeing my entire body all weekend and it's had me wondering, what's your favorite part?" John looked up and down her sexy body, but he didn't have to think long about his answer. "Your breasts." He replied.. As the speakers crackled, David immediately turned off the television. Alison, as she sat upright, caressed my breasts and teased my sensitive hard nipples with her fingers and thumbs. I was so turned on, breathing hard and moaning a little as I felt my pussy throb. I ran my fingertips tenderly up Alison’s thighs and around her hips until I could squeeze her arse cheeks, pulling her harder onto my pussy. “Jo’s is so wet Chloe. I think she will cum quick,” Alison said as her breathing became. "What the fuck does that mean?" Goodness, this woman! Even her laugh was amazing! "I don't know," I said, finally relaxing a little for the first time since I knew she was coming to visit. "That's just your dad, you know? He's always worried about who's watching and who cares... well, not so much anymore. He's really changed in the last few months, really made an effort to just chill out." "My dad is a trip, always has been. That's how I know you were lying when you said his skills were just.
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