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They’d been on the road for five days — Tina and Darren still flirting shyly while Anna and Brad continued to grow closer — and were settling in...o their latest hotel before a quiet dinner when Anna’s phone rang. ‘Who is it?’ Tina asked as Anna checked the caller ID line. ‘I’m not sure. I don’t recognize the number.’ Accepting the call, she asked, ‘Hello?’ Tina stood by as her friend acknowledged her identity, then listened to rapidly spoken and highly accented English in silence. After several. .. tell me, wifie! was it then so good?' As she opened her eyes, Alice met mine, brimming with merriment; she blushed rosy red, then clasped me in her soft arms and kissed me passionately, murmuring: 'Darling! oh! darling!!' then burst out laughing at our ridiculousness! And so we lay for a few delicious moments, clasped in each other arms.Presently I murmured: 'Now, wifie! you'll like to learn something about me, eh?' Alice laughed merrily at the quaint conceit, then coloured furiously as she. No dice."Well, Amanda. It looks like you two are on your own until I can find someone."There was a glint in her eyes."Whatever it is that you're planning, forget it, " I told her. " I'm going to come by every evening and make sure that you're behaving."Even my strictest tone didn't seem to affect her."Now, Jason, what makes you think I was planning something?"It was around eight o'clock when I pulled up the long driveway leading to the manor. My car was a piece of crap, and looked terribly out. :/He just replied “I’m only messing”.Back 2 laughing and joking and he hits me with “how does Darren do it 4 u” AGAIN I’m like wdf lol, Do what ?His reply “I know I’m drunk and correct me if I’m out of order, but you seem like a very fiesty and kinky girl! How does Darren perform for you. Like he hasn’t even got a big cock”I was in stitches laughing taking it as a compliment, but at same time confused. Best answer I came up with was have you been looking at his willy lol !He replied with “I’ve.
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