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That’s when I could see that there were small video rooms lining the walls and what was creepy was a bunch of guys standing around in the dark. I so...n found out why. I entered one on the booths and popped in the tokens. The screen lite up and you could chose form about a dozen videos. Gay, TS, Lez, straight hardcore etc. There were also 2 glory holes on the wall. After inserting the tokens, I droped my pants and started stroking my cock. I switched from video to video, enjoying them all. I. Then I let her drop to the floor.?Take the whore outside. I don’t want her messing on my floor.?The men were getting in on the fun. Jody was kicked, slapped, and punched all the way down the hall and out into the courtyard.In the pale light from the moon, water trickled from an elaborate fountain. The girl lay sprawled on the grass, bleeding from the lip and eye, cowering as the men surrounding her slapped and punched her at will."Wait before you strike her face anymore. I have another. They're not allowed to carry their firearms, of course, but we're lending each of them stun weapons for self-defense, just in case," he explained."So, how are they operating?" Mike asked."In a couple of different ways, so far," Eric said. "In some cases they land to deal with a stunned group of bandits. They disarm them and destroy their weapons. They administer first aid and water to any victims the bandits have with them, evaluate the overall situation, and call for an Interdictor to come in. "Oh, someone's around," said Forny. "It's basically a freighter. Don't need much of a crew." So these people are... dead?" asked Michael."They just look dead," answered Forny, "Sort of like Keith Richards. Of course, he's dead now."The Stones were gone. That made Michael sad."At least David Hasselhoff is gone too," added Forny, trying to erase the sad look on Michael's face."Should we find the crew?" said Forny."Oh, I don't know," said Zip, "People aren't always glad to see me."Michael nodded.
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