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Was it really so long ago? It seems like so much has happened. "Much as I'd like bed, lover, I think I'd better eat first. If we make love, I'll be as...eep until morning, and then hungry as hell when I wake up." She busied herself flipping through the catalog. "Tell me about Asia," she invited."Good. I've got mushrooms and wine, I'll make that German Hunter's Chicken with Spätzle, okay? You get some wine going."Lenore nodded, pulling the old clunky fridge open, and found the wine the Gunny had. I also mentioned that I had a little short dress and a large collection of panties. He told me to have it all on by 4:30 but mentioned that I was to wear no panties. He also asked about fucking me. He knew I sucked, but would I fuck. I said yes. He also told me that I would pay for the room & that he would pay me back.This excited me even further. I said "So I'm gonna be your little hooker for the night Daddy!"I don't think this was how he meant it, but he liked enthusiasm over the. I constantly give her oral sex, and try regularly slid a finger into her sweet little ass (which she hates). I think she appreciates how attracted I am about her; however the lack of regular sex has left me longing for more.Over the years, I've developed a panty fetish. I love grabbing a pair of her freshly worn panties, and heading to the computer room after she goes to bed to look at porn. I sniff, lick, and jerk-off with her worn panties. I really love to lick where her pussy has pressed up. .. and he shivered.“You okay there?” Emma asked him curiously.“Yeah.” Jason said shortly, looking at Emma intently. She flushed slightly, and gave him a small smile.“Good.” She said, jostling him as they walked. She sighed dramatically. “Well let’s start yet another fun day of school.”It was an uneventful rest of the day for Jason; nothing particularly of note happened. The main difference was that every class and break he had with Emma, was spent with him daydreaming about her. Every flash of.
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