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This is my home. You do not come into my home and give me orders. You ask, and you ask a hell of a lot more politely than now. You do not order me aro...nd, and you sure as hell do not order my wife and children around. You don’t even order my dog around. Is that clearly understood?” I kept a smile on my face, but my voice was icy cold.By the look on his face, Special Agent Reading was not impressed. “Congressman Buckman, you don’t understand the magnitude of what needs to be done. You’ll need to. It’s not that difficult. My mind rushed back to my childhood; watching my blindfolded cousin try and pin the tale on the donkey! I flopped my head back and almost laughed.I felt him poke around a few times more without success and he was too excited to hold himself back and he just came all over my pussy. I could feel the hot sperm as it squirted between my legs, over my pussy and down my ass. He shook a little as he collapsed with his full weight on me and panted like an Olympiad after a. He had a way of turning me on, even when he wasnt trying. After five years of marriage, the twins, and three deployments, the man can still make me wet in seconds.I heard the front door open and him yell, "Baby girl, Im home!" I ran to the door, jumping in his arms and kissed his neck. "Never fails babe, everytime I walk through the door." Kevin said as he laughed.I walked back in the kitchen to set the table, as I felt his arms wrap around my waist. "Where are the kids?" he asked. I layed my. Now show him a little of what your pussy can take.. show him how many fingers you can put inside...Yes Sir, I was so wet and aroused that three fingers glided inside me without effort.That's a girl, fist your pussy for us. I slide the fourth finger then my thumb inside... he talked me thru it, telling me to push, harder and deeper... he told me that they were stroking their hard cocks watching me... my hand slide in to my wrist... you like your pussy being full don't you baby?Yes I loved having.
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