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You thought that you would live the rest of your life in this boring town. But you are proven wrong when you receive a strange new app on your phone will change your life forever.The app you receive is called "The Alteration App." The things that the app can do are:The app can change the size of a woman's breasts and ass as well as change the size of a man's cock.The app can alter people's minds and make them change their opinion on things. Example: You can turn a woman who is completely. OMG she was such a good kisser. After she broke the kiss she asked me to come to her place and I was so excited that i took her hand and put it to feel my boner.She gigled and we start walking to her place.As soon as we arrived..i couldnt stop kissing and fondling her 34B tits. After sucking ther tits and rubbing her ass..i went for her pussy but she stopped me and told me that she wanted to cuff me the the bed and fuck like rabbits.We went to the bedroom, I got naked then let myself cuffed. My eyes roam over the provocative sight before me. Your glorious naked body sprawled on the bed, your wrists tethered to the headboard, bound with black silk ties. I pause for a moment, taking in your lightly tanned skin, the swell of your biceps, the soft, downy hairs covering your chest, your taut stomach, your cock nestling between strong, muscular thighs. I smile to myself as I realise that right this very minute, you are mine, all mine. I lean forward to kiss you, sucking your bottom lip. I felt really comforted that it was her I wanted to take my virginity. I sat on the edge of the bed, and leaning back on my elbows, my intimacy fully exposed, I said to her, who was still standing on the doorstep : « what are you waiting for ? Come and fuck me in the ass, beautiful. »Going all the wayI really felt shameless, comfortable even, and so I raised my legs and started pushing my buttplug in and out. It really turned her on and she approached the bed, pushed me a little further up, and.
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