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”I looked at her hips and the way they moved, “Storm is not the only one getting aroused or horny.”She looked back and then down at her hips and...then grinned, “careful tom, we mate for life.”I sighed, “like a pair?”She chuckled and started down the bank to the edge of the water, “it can be. The mates must decide, sometimes a male has several female mates.”I looked up and down the river and gestured and she went left on a narrow ledge, “not one female and several males?”Storm growled and then. She was also very experienced sexually, even more so than Sarah, an aggressive force in the bedroom, insatiable, excessive, and sexually demanding. She was the extreme opposite of Jeanine’s submissiveness. While never actually diagnosed, carol was convinced that she was addicted to sex and had undergone serious counseling regarding her desires and needs. Good, you say? Read on. I met Carol shortly after school started in the fall. I attended a meeting of students who would be writing. I need to piss. Get your mouth over here. I swallowed. Did I hear him correctly? But I didnt ask questions. I climbed into his cot with him. He pushed me down to his cock again and instructed me to hold the tip of his cock in my mouth. Dont you dare fucking spill. Youll take this and youll fucking drink. If you think youre going to yak, you raise your hand or so help me, I will slap you silly. Do not get my sheets dirty, cunt. Obediently, I lowered my mouth to his limp cock, putting my lips. Jaime was wearing a white bra and panties, and I followed her form with my eyes down her flanks, over her full, round hips, around her firm thighs to her calves and her bare feet. The sun seemed to highlight each and every tiny white hair along her womanly frame, and in between the delicate curves of her thighs seemed to emanate a different kind of light, one that seemed to hint of promise and hope. I felt something stir within me for the first time in many moons. I was aware of Jaime’s beauty.
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