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" So you do think I'm evil!" I think the cause you serve is evil. Look at you, a slave to your hatred, chained to believing your own lies, trapped by ...our own pain... I offer you the opportunity to renounce your hatred, Mr. Ata. Let go of your pain! You can renounce your caliph and your caliph's lies and let truth set you free. That is your choice, Mr. Ata."With his eyes remaining glued on Kathy, Mr. Ata raised a chair over his head, and began walking toward her. Kathy sighed and jumped before. “I think I’ve seen you ... some-times at the Asian grocery on Wells.”She nodded. “I work there Sundays.”“I knew it.” She sipped her Coke. “What’s your name?” I asked.“Mae,” she replied. “Mae Phan.”“I’m Lenny -- Len for short.”We nursed our drinks in silence. Mae drained her Coke and set down her glass. “I’d better be going.”“Me, too. Look -- my car is around the corner. Can I drop you off somewhere?”“I’ll take the bus -- the stop’s just outside.”“Okay, Mae -- see you around.”The following. She was the most sensual, exotic, erotic, sexual being I had ever seen. When she stepped towards me, I dove my mouth onto her. I placed my hands on her hips and moved them back and forth making her fuck my waiting mouth. Her dick tasted delicious and the smell of her perfume filled my senses. Caroline reached down and pulled my shirt off, then ran her hands through my hair and over my back as I sucked her cock. I reached for her erection and held it at the base, I wanted to see her beautiful,. I found Paula slowly buzzing herself with one of the toys from the sex toy drawer.“Hey, Paula. No one will tell me what is going on, and if it is you needed to get off, you would be at Lenny’s house,” I told her as I took her vibrator from her.Paula had me strip before jumping into my arms. She told me to sit on the couch with her in my lap. After getting me hard, Paula wiggled around some to have her pink purse kissing my pubes. She came as soon as she settled against my chest and hugged me..
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