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I turned them on the highest setting during our vows. You actuallysaid 'I (moan) do,' and had an orgasm," she said."I don't remember!" I said.She lift...d the sheets, showing me that she not only had no cock cage, buther cock was gigantic, perhaps monsterous in size. She wasn't hard, butit had to be more than 8" long. Erect, it was probably 10" or more. Worsethan that, it was easily the thickest cock I'd ever seen. "You don'tremember this?" she asked."No," I said."You said you had five orgasms. He kept moving his hips forward and now, without anywhere for my head to go backwards, his penis went further into my mouth. Eventually, I gagged and he frowned and said, "I didn't even get it halfway in yet. OK, let's get you warmed up first." He started fucking my mouth with short, slow, and oddly tender thrusts. After a few seconds of that, my mouth started salivating. That was a bit surprising. The extra slickness of my mouth caused him to take deeper and more rapid strokes. Then I became. One thing that hasn’t changed much was our love for one another. “ I love you more ,it just gets better each day”.Rachel then paused. “You don’t think swinging with others will change us do you” she said “ I am not too concerned are you”? “You have changed” I said “but I like how you have changed”. Rachel giggled “yes I like how I have changed myself,who would have ever thought I would let you have sex with other people. These last couple of days I have enjoyed giving myself to Randy, I also. "Hey dude, did you hear that call?" Yeah, I got it. I'm going to send Gwen with you." he said."Send Gwen, so you are the one in charge?" I asked."Pretty much, since Gwen got involved with Lucas, Marty and I aren't sure where her head is. Marty put me in charge of getting it done no matter what." Fair enough, will she be bring Luke along?" I asked."No, she will not be bringing Lucas along. Marty had a talk with her about priorities." he admitted."Then tell her I will be leaving here a little.
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