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He then pulled her back up to face him when he pulled the straps of her dress over her shoulders & let it drop to the floor. He then wen't in to kiss on the lips & she stopped him stating that it was one thing she didn't want to do. There she was in all her glory standing nude in front of him. With no prompting she dropped to her knee's & started to undo his belt & jeans, she pulled them down to his ankles till he could step out of them, she came back up & started rubbing his cock through. Ithought that slavery had been abolished, and anyway it was only coloured peoplewho were slaves, but I couldn't make any sensible sound with that gag stillin my mouth. Suddenly whatever it was up my ass started vibrating. Ooh! Wow! I had neverknown such a sensation before, and within a few seconds I was beginning toget turned on, in spite of the pain, darkness and humiliation. Whatever wasit? Wow that is great, but I mustn't let him know that. Still the pain, but I now had something else on my. I thought to myself, his awareness, in the long run, will make things a lot easier for me. Jeez, I was already planning ahead and we had met not just two hours ago. I chuckled to myself. There were a few people coming and going. No one noticed us, and if they did, it was nothing out of the ordinary. I was also glad that this was a large enough high-rise building that we hardly knew our neighbors and no one would gossip to my wife if they saw me and Matt together. “Oh, who was that boy I saw. My fingers moved deftly up and down my shaft, just enough to make my pleasure simmer.She slid the toy out of her mouth and began to bob her head up and down, focusing on that glistening shaft. Her eyes locked onto mine as she performed. She let it come out her mouth with a wet sigh. “I’ll be staying at the Marriott on Third. Room 216. Thursday. Arrive at nine o’clock, Peter, and I’ll make sure you won’t regret it.”I swallowed deeply. This felt unreal. Just a few minutes ago we had been.
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