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She was in her skimpy red bikini showing of her fantastic 38D breasts, her firm ass and those smooth legs that just glisten in the sun. She has a comp...etely shaved pussy as well. She took care of that before we got on the boat because she knows how much I love it. The first night we have a quick dinner and headed back to the room because we were so horny we wanted to fuck on the gorgeous bed and on the balcony. We definitely made some noise so our neighbors definitely got a show! We are not. She looked up to me and started to say something, then just delicately kissed the tip, moved back and then opened her mouth and covered my knob. Just as quickly she pulled back saying, "I've never done that before!" Different generations, I guess. "Does it feel good when I touch it, son?" "Of course it does Mom," I replied. "I don't know if I should do this, but I want too," she stated. She slowly wrapped her fingers around my shaft and started to stroke it very lightly. "Is this how. ” I start.I feel her arms wrap around me from behind, she kisses the back of neck and says “neither” I can feel the weight of her tits on my back, different than when we were dancing earlier. Less support, more natural. I turn around.“I noticed you were looking at them very closely earlier. I think you enjoyed the view” She said. She kisses me deep. I’m instantly harder than I’d ever been in my life.“I feel something hard” She says “That’s not my fault is it?”“Y..yes it is.” I stammer“Hmm, well. She groaned. My tongue made several trips up and down between her lips, up and down, until her clit appeared from its hood. My fingers were doing a number on her nipples, tickling and tugging and flicking them back and forth. Then I did something that is guaranteed to drive a woman wild. I learned it from, of all people, Sam Kinison. It’s called ‘licking the alphabet’. You just trace your tongue in the shape of all the letters of the alphabet all over her pussy. Guaranfuckingdamnteed to bring.
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