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You see, I'm unable to leave this realm. If you agree to become my agent, you would be my representative on Earth, carrying out my will among the mort...ls." At this, James furrowed his brow, imaging cities burning, and bodies piled high. "Oh, don't worry, child; I'm not interested in whatever dark deeds you think me capable of. I merely require energy to sustain myself and this realm, energy you will gather in my stead."James wasn't sure how he felt about being a demon's errand boy, but his. Louis let loose and thrust in and out of me faster than I thought possible as I finally regained my voice and screamed in pain, pain which would start to fade as the disgust and shame became very apparent, I yelled at Kira to get him off he is fucking me which snapped her out of her daze but as she tried to grab Louis he growled, he has never growled at her, she was scared but tried again but Louis growled louder showing his teeth, Kira was too scared to try again.Louis continued pumping away. .i hated wearing them. I hadnt had a job for two years so was a little nervous,it would be ok my boyfriend told me as he pecked me on the cheek.Yes it would be fine,they would treat me well i would think being the new girl.I looked up as i approached the offices it was atleast thirty stories high and i hated lifts! Maybe taking the stairs wouldnt be too bad,mind you i didnt want to get too hot and leave a lingering smell on my first day .Right here goes floor 28 it said in my acceptance. She was fair and had hair till her neck. Overall, she was an angel and out of my league like some would say.“I guess we should get going Tanvi. It is almost 10 pm.”“What’s the hurry? I am home alone anyway. Stay for some time.”She snuggled into my arms while saying so.“I don’t know, Tanvi. I am having an urge to kiss you. All this is making me uncomfortable. You know what I am trying to tell right?”“So mister, you are trying to take advantage of your friend who is high?”That got me.
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