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I kissed her thigh and then her clit, licking the brand carefully, tenderly. This was amazing to me, I did not know this about her and I was honoured ...hat she chose to share it with me. She began to speak quietly, telling me that she could not explain everything to me, that I would know all tomorrow. She told me that Teresa was to be greatly tested tomorrow and that I would be a part of the test. I was going to have to be there for Teresa and see her through it. She explained that you were. Mind you, he didn't look nearly so big as he had when she was a small girl, and with the knowledge she had, he wasn't scary either. Just another wolf, no problem for this girl."Ah, young lady. Lost, are you," he started, impertinent as always."Wolf, I know where I am, and where I'm going. You can't fool me that easily." It's not my intent to trick you miss," he hissed between sharp canines. "I was merely enquiring if I could assist you." Yeah, I bet you were. You know what, wolf? Your helping. ” “I know baby, I know but that was a great try!” “I wanted to do it so bad, make you proud of me..” “that’s alright baby, but a deals a deal you’ve got to finish what you started” I pulled her off the coach and onto her knees and put my cock back to her mouth, she happily opened up and began to bob and twist her head, working her tongue and fist back and forth as her other hand groped at my enormous balls. I grabbed her by the pig tails and fucked her mouth in rhythm with her sucking. I was. Before I’ve had a chance to step out of my shoes or turn around, Damien has come up behind me, lent past me – gosh he smells good – and with a hand on my hip, places his drink next to mine. But it’s not his hand that gives me tingles, it’s the feel of him against my back as he leans into me. His height over me, his chest leaning against me, and what appears to be his hard cock pressed against the top of my ass cheeks. My eyes close as I take a deep breath… and then let out a moan as I imagine.
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