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We use to have a PIA pilot renting that upper portion with his family. It was a small family though. Just husband and wife and some times their cousin...use to visit them. The wife’s name was Archana. She was a pathan by origin but being brought up in Bhopal she was very different, even with her accent of English. When they moved in I was about 22, and after my Intermediate exams, I was rather free and was not doing any thing. Her husband Amit was on the International Flights and mostly stayed. She has no right to claim the children and your agency has noright to put them in danger by giving her custody of them."The man read over both documents again and stated, "There has been anabuse claim against Mr. York. We cannot grant him custody with thatallegation. My decision is standing."Joseph expected this and produced another document that he had. It wasa statement from two nurses who witnessed the incident in the hospitalroom. Neither tried to do anything at the time but after they. Do you agree?Zen was waiting for this and told yes but if I get pregnant you have to marry me and also go to India.Marco-O.K, no problem.Marco was a artist, a sex artist. He loved BDSM,nipples,clit,labia, naval piercing and enjoy sex. In the night when Marco saw Zen in nude condition then told you are replica of my ex wife.Actually we two did leave together and I do not know how the condom leaked two times to produce two child,any how my ex partner did not like my sex erotic,perverseness so I. ."She froze. "It's not me?" Naw. You're hot -- or I wouldn't be here getting ready to go to jail for a couple of hundred years just to get a feel..."She frowned, her expression hidden from him by their position. "It can't be that bad." It is." Were you in an accident, too?" I AM an accident! Let's not talk about it." I'm gonna have to sit down in a minute, or I'll fall down," she warned."I could pick you up, but..." She would have both hands free while he was encumbered -- not a smart thing,.
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