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Rather than change when I arrived at the house, I kept the outfit on as it made me feel super sexy. I loved the way the soft fabric of my blouse cares...ed my nipples as I walked, unencumbered as they were without a bra.As I puttered around the house, it was hard to keep Kyle out of my head. I decided I'd do something nice for him since he had been so wonderful to me of late. I baked a big batch of his favorite cookies, chocolate chip, which were cooling on a rack when he walked in the door from. I knew Phillipa was divorced and assumed that she hadn't had such a high flyer of a husband as Emma. I rang the door bell, the door opened almost immediately. Had she been waiting in anticipation or was she just passing to the kitchen when I knocked?Phillipa said "Come in Des, just in time." Her whole face lit up with a smile; which embraced me, warmed me, patted me on the head and called me a good boy."Hello" I said, and handed over the print and the box of chocolates.As she unwrapped the. I brushed a strand of my long platinum blonde hair from my pale blue eyes as I crawled. Master had dyed my black hair a long time ago to make me more bimbo like. My tanned skin which was once flawless was now covered in degrading tattoos. The word WHORE across my face with my mouth forming the O, a bar code and slave registry number on my smooth hairless pubic mound, words like fucktoy, bitch, cunt and sex animal coated my jiggling tits, firm round ass and flat tummy. My anus had even been. We have the money. You did well. How are they???A bit shatteredbut all in one piece. There won?t be any dramatic evidence if they tried toprove what happened.??And theirboat???Still in thelagoon. It is under the cliff.?There was ashort silence.?Do they haveany idea where you are??Greta thoughtfor a minute before answering. The family had been aboard their boat when shehad hi-jacked them. They had been unconscious until secured in the cells of thecave complex. Since then, they had not seen.
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