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I turned to get out of sight when Steph saw me and called out "hey b*o, I'd like you to meet Lisa." With that, Lisa turned towards me, her eyes got b...g, her mouth opened a little and I wasn't sure what she was going to do. Then she smiled and said "the girls said you went around naked, but I really didn't believe them, it's nice to meet you . . . and my brother likes doing the same thing, except he's a lot younger than us."Then they went back to talking, like I wasn't even there. What a turn. As I looked at the glass and back to my excuse for a cock, there was no way I could fill it halfway. I grabbed my cock in my right hand and began to stroke, making it pathetically hard. As I stroked I realized I had forgotten. Cale was still in the room. I whimpered a bit as I turned, to see the hooded muscle man stood still. His eyes looked at me, drinking me in. I could see something stirring in his leather pouch. I brought the glass up to my face and it dawned on me. It wasn't my cum that. .....please ..........stop " I said between breaths but he just agnorned me . He started licking faster and my pussy started to feel like a river . He stop licking and I hoped that he was done but he started to poke his right pointer finger around the edge of my pussy lips. I realized that my right leg was not held down and I tried to kick him again but he removed his finger and held it down again ." you should stop doing that " he said with a evil sneer ." just please stop " I begged again. I climb off your lap and kneel. Your poor cock is looking sore and red but is hard and wanting more. I start to lick and kiss and gently suck. It feels so good to soothe your pain but we both know that's not what really turns me on. I get some ribbon and carefully and beautifully wrap your balls and cock in tight painful constriction, squeezing them and biting as I do it. Then I start back on your cock, this time running my teeth up and down your beautiful shaft, biting at the head, sucking.
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