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“Hank? Can we come over too?” Alicia asked, batting her eyes at me.Bernie, on the other hand, looked annoyed. “What the hell, Hank. I thought yo... were my friend? Am I not pretty enough, is that it?” she asked, sounding hurt at the idea.I reached out and pulled Bernie to me, wrapping my arms around her waist and putting my forehead in contact with hers.“Bernie, this is all new to me too, you know. Last year, no one even noticed me, now I have three of the sexiest girls in school wanting to spend. I mean, I have, but I haven’t, you know? When Julias died, I felt so bad for Beatrice, but I never really thought about it happening to me.”“It won’t happen to anyone anymore,” he said before he could stop himself. “The hunters are gone. And—”Jessy got up, and headed for the door. “I’m going to see Eric. Dumbass is visiting his dad tonight. I should do a surprise visit, see how his pop is doing.”Damien and Jack smiled at each other, and followed after her. Jessy probably didn’t realize what she. ” She said in a sing-song voice. Regina was an efficient secretary and close to a ‘ten’ on any man’s scale. She loved to play with me and always thought in terms of sex and sexual innuendo. I picked up the phone knowing Regina would come by as soon as I was off the phone. She would interrogate me about my weekend plans and tease me about what Sue and I would be doing. ********“Dan, I was not able to get out of my cousin’s birthday party tomorrow. I should be over in the late afternoon, I can. Every afternoon I would walk home with a “boner”, a snide comment in my head from them, and their laughter following me. I didn’t let this stop me from taking care of business, though. I mean, a teenage boy has to take care of business with the visions of teenage ass and boobs running around in his head.So, I would take a little dirt road down to a pond I thought no one knew about, drop my trunks, and jack off as I thought about what Barb’s ass would feel like, naked in my hands. I mean, I beat.
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