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She was moving around on the chair, she could not control herself now. Paul kept going, following her with the tattoo gun between her legs. She felt v...ry light-headed, and was sweating but the pain was exquisite now, and she needed more of it. Another orgasm followed, she was in heaven. Her pussy felt as though it was on fire from the tattooing. Betty came to see her, with tears rolling down her face. She now had five rings each side, and her labia looked very swollen. “Look at me.” she said,. It just hit me as I stood up. I'm sorry if I embarrassed you." She said nervously."It's a little profound. I was thinking that you thought we stripped our innermost feelings to show each other before and this was your way of doing it physically. Either way I'm not embarrassed. A man would have to be dead to look at you and not admire your beautiful body. I don't like sharing it that way, but everyone here is looking for an escape of sorts and we've found ours." Joe answered, searching her face. You haven't been eating much lately, are you hungry?" I asked. She looked at me and nodded, still avoiding looking me in the eyes when she could. I stood and retrieved a plate of eggs and a spoon, handing bitch the food. "Eat. today you'll need the energy." I told her. She looked at me fearfully for a moment, and then took the food and ate slowly. After a good while she was done. Once bitch was done I stood and rejoined her on the bed, marking my page in the book I was reading. I reached. True to her word, less than 5 minutes later, the door to the other room opened, and she came in leading another man by the hand. She asked him if he wanted to undress her, or did he want her to take off her own clothes? He wanted to undress her, so she stood while he took first her blouse, then her skirt. Then she asked him how he wanted to fuck her? He told her he wanted her doggy-style first, so he could watch his dick go inside her. She got on the bed on her knees, head down, ass up, with.
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