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Makes sense, right? Well, not really, but that didn't matter because I never really cared to think about them. Unless I was roleplaying as one for my ...usband, but that's different. I'd dress up for him and we'd pretend that he was picking me up off the street and I was just some college girl trying to pay for school "the hard way". Never really thought I would actually be doing that for real.You see, I've been married to Jason for 8 years now. We got married pretty young and we had been. Well that made me tingle. And justa little bit hard myself ...Worse still, it was happening at home. I had bitten the bullet andagreed to move in with Graeme, my landlord. I simply didn't see anyother option. For the first few nights, he had insisted on sleeping onthe couch, chivalrously insisting that I take the bed to get what hekept calling my "beauty sleep." But after seeing him so stiff and sorein the morning - hardly surprising, given the need to squeeze his large,sixty-something frame. ” I whispered in her ear.When the movie was over, Monica whispered, “It’s a good thing this dress is black, so the wet spot won’t show as much.”I smiled and kissed her. “I love being out with such a hot girl, baby! I really love that you are so sexy,” I said.Monica smiled at me. I got the bags of new clothes and lingerie, and took her hand as we walked out of the theatre, through the mall, and out to the car. I opened the door for her, and as she got in, she bent forward to give me a nice view. It looked like one of the sex worker places.. We got out of his car and walked into a toy shop.."Hey Lanny, Needed some toys for this whore here" Jack told Lanny, Who looked like the store manager.."Hey there Jack, Long time.. Sure.. What all?" "Beads, Cunt and Butt plug, a panty vibrator,whip,a puffer and a dildo"I was freaked out by the list, WOW.. He was going to use me bad, Like really BAD that was the only thought in my head. Jack took the stuff paid and we walked into a clothes store.. It.
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