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I felt an immediate surge of anger, slightly mixedwith fear, I quickly realized that I wasn't afraid for myself though. Thethought of what might be sa...d, or could happen to my friends was all Icould think about. Ever since I had started to accept my situation, mymain concern has always been what will being my friend cost them. The lastthing I wanted was for them to be looked at differently, I still didn'tfeel worthy of their friendship. As those thoughts were crossing throughmy mind, Holly's. If you’ll pick up those new cameras tomorrow morning, maybe we could get them to join us and make some really hot sex-movies.”Rachel’s phone was vibrating... “Uh Oh, this is Gaby calling back. Mom, if she wants to meet you, would you let us bring her up for a while? I mean, since her sister and Mom are out for the night?”“If both of you are sure about her - bring her up.”“If she wants to be naked with us, will you join us?”“Will you film it? Ask her if she has any of those masks.”“We’ll call. She could feel it stroke in and out but it did nothing to excite her. She attempted to straighten up but found herself held in her current position and then decided she'd have to wait for Tommy, if it was him, to get his release. She leaned down more and rested her elbows on the counter as she felt whatever it was bury itself, withdraw and rebury itself in her ass. Finally came the gush of fluid as it reached orgasm and injected it's cum into her. Again she marveled at the amount of cum that. I hurriedly walked back down the hall and entered my son's room where they were staying and looked for her blue panties. I looked around the bed and under the sheets and there they were, the panties she was wearing. I grabbed them and heading to my room to inspect them. I closed the door behind me and sat on my bed, opened the pair of silky blue panties and discovered a big glob of cum inside. Oh my god I thought, I wanted to sniff them so bad but they have Sean's cum inside. I turned them over.
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