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I stared, stupefied and shocked. She looked up at me, eyes brimming, but took a deep breath and seemed to calm herself. In a quavering voice, she bega... to speak."I am so sorry for what I did yesterday. I did not think of us, I thought only of myself. I did not even realize what I had done to you until later, after we went home. I have no excuse; I was a fool. I was thinking only about the sex, and not about what my actions were doing to you."I love you, and I would never want to do anything to. I will, I just have to loosen you up first, or it will hurt a lot. Oh, he said quietly. Well, loosen me up all you want, cause this is the best feeling ever! Just wait until I get my dick in there&hellip, Itll feel even better. I began to add fingers, until I was fingering him with three at a time, and he was panting like a puppy. I enjoyed every moan. He started asking me when I was going to fuck him, and I said when he was nice and loose and lubed up. Technically, I could have started fucking. I am 20 yrs old.Fair and good looking boy. Am passionate about making love. I have a 7.5 inch meat which is hard all day.About aunty: she is 36 years old. Her name is sonia.Cute and mature lady. With sexy figure. Big and firm boobs with big ass. I will describe them in detail further. She is a typical indian housewife who looks after her home.Now let’s start with how it happened:Aunty and I used to talk whenever we met in our society. It was a regular neighbors kind of conversation between us.. ‘We’ll deal with this when I get back, in the meantime, get your panty-covered ass up and get the house cleaned while I’m gone. If you’re going to dress like a girl you’re going to have to act like one so get your prissy ass busy. And don’t you dare take those panties off either. I want to see you just the way you are when I return, do you understand panty boy?’ she asked. ‘Yes,’ I said lowering my head. ‘What! I can’t hear you panty boy,’ she said with a loud voice. ‘Yes dear, I understand,’ I.
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