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I thought they might have become for some work. I opened main gate and found that door was locked from inside and I tried bell but unfortunately it wa... switched off from inside. I found somethng wrong and I went at back side of our house where there is a door from kitchen and it was open and so I came in n there was too silence and no one was there on ground floor.I thought mom had been somewhere out so and I went to first floor and there I saw bedroom of mom was closed and then I came to know. She was moaning loudly as I did that and she said to me in ears that she was feeling as if she is with Murli. She closed her eyes tightly as I sucked her beautiful breasts. I whispered in her ears saying, there is no difference if it is Murli or myself as we both are brothers and same blood. So I don’t make a difference I also told her since brother is busy I will satisfy her whenever she wants. I was also fingering her cunt vigorously. She was in ecstasy and whispered in my ears saying, so. Unlike some chastity belts, it had neither anal beads nor a dildo attached to the inside. She also was forbidden from sucking dick. She had agreed, always ready to take a bet; by the end of the first day, she was having serious regrets. By the end of the second month, her stubbornness had somehow won out over her lust, but at a cost.She was like a madwoman; she was always on edge, constantly attempting to subtly hump things in a vain attempt to cause some friction. Leon came to her house to. I can hear her talking dirty and moaning in ecstasy, only it isn’t her voice.The transition between dream and awake is quick. One moment I am dreaming of fucking Alva. The next, I am awake, and it is Kim riding me like there is no tomorrow. It is a good thing I have learnt not to use a girl’s name during sex. Having four girlfriends, there has been more than once I caught myself just before I screamed out the wrong girl’s name.I reach up and pull her down for a kiss. I know she likes it when I.
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