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It was not 10:30 and Sonali said the night was still young and wanted to fuck some more. By this time I was spent so I suggested calling a friend to s...e if he wanted to join us. I called Ritesh who said he knew who she was and would love to but Vinit and Mohit were also there. Telling Sonali that Ritesh had company she asked if they were male or female and when I said male she said tell them all to come over. They arrived in five minutes and we sat down and Sonali made them a drink. After some. They left all the cacti dug deep into her parts, and tied her to a line behind the horses, dragging her naked, curvaceous, self behind them.Her gorgeous body was beet red, her face distorted by pain, and she was peppered with thorns on every part of her extremely sensitive body. She flopped helplessly through the sand like a fish that has been caught and dragged onto a boat. They finally arrived at their ranch, and they quickly grabbed her and rushed her into cold dungeon and chained her. Good night then, Jayden." "Good night, Rin..." I return. She gets up off the bed, heading to the door. "If you need anything..." "I'll let you know," she says with a weak smile before disappearing out the door. I stand there staring after her for a few minutes, confused. What was Rin's real reason for seeking me out? Surely it wasn't just to talk about how amazing this house was. So what had been her real intentions? Defeated, I shake my head then walk over to the wall to turn the lights down.. This is John Smith, my daughter's fiancé. What is her condition, doctor?" She's in serious but stable condition. She has a compound fracture of the left humerus," he said, pointing to his upper arm. "She has a cracked scapula and is also concussed and severely bruised about her upper back and lower jaw. Most of the damage is on her left side." Is she awake? Can we see her?" I asked immediately."She is not conscious and I'm not anxious to have her wake up just yet. I'd like to do some scans on.
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