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"Yes, Happy Birthday Rob," agreed Mavis."I don't know if I can stand many more "presents" like that," said Rob softly. "Thank you both." Squeezing the...breasts he held he slowly and tenderly kissed each one of them again. Letting go of the breasts he had been holding he began to stroke along the sides of each one of them. Slowly the two came back down, regained their composure, their breathing as their blood pressure became more normal.Two hands started to stroke him as well. Up and down they. As my eyes drift to your face I am once again taken back by your beautiful features. Not the classic, “boy next door” looks, but something leaner, hungrier, and more chiseled, dangerous even. Your thick, dark hair is cropped short and just adds to the sexual energy that rolls from your body. Your dark eyes glint with danger as you arch one eyebrow as if asking if I am enjoying the view. I smile at you letting you know, as always, I do. The corners of your mouth twitch as if you knew I approve.. Well Irene hesitant at first then reached behind her undid her bra and let it lay to the sides. Louie had her relaxed as could be now and he had worked nearly down to her hips and worked up to her very ass cheeks and once again said: Ma'm can you take whatever that is off so I can really relax you! Well Irene reached her hands down again and tried to pull her panties down her ass cheeks as Louie saw what she was trying to do and reached and helped her not just pull them down over her ass cheeks. As Debs got worked up I introduced Andy to our role-play going through the things he would do to her if he was there. Debs' pussy was dripping in no time and very soon was having intense orgasms and I told her to call Andy's name out when she came and think about his cock inside her. In a short space of time Debs had cum three times and begged for me to fuck her. I climbed on top and told her to think of Andy as I fucked her. Another orgasm washed over her and I shot a huge load deep in her.
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